The emptiness of everything we think exists.

Wanna feel your fiction if you allow my eyes into your illusion and break it together while creating a new one.

Want to repeat that cycle if you agree to see with me. What can I see ? I don’t have the power to comunícate it effectively.What is it that my mind show me through my eyes? I cant explain it. Not yet.

In the meaning while, why don’t you look what I see and ask questions so we can dive into the emptiness of everything we think exists.

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17/07/2021 Hoy el día amaneció muerto, las palabras olvidaron conectarse y a mi cerebro le dió por pensar. Pensar,recordar lo que sabemos,conectarlo,crear algo nuevo,¿cómo sabemos

明日 Mañana

26/04/2021 Mañana las palabras se acaban y yo hoy no me las quiero gastar en ruidos con la boca que contaminan el aire. Frases ensayadas,